81st Year of the Corps of Commissionaires In Australia.


Greetings to all members and your families.


Dear Members,


As you may recall from our last correspondence, it was proposed that The Corps Association would gather at The Repatriation Hospital, Heidelberg on  November 14th, (first Saturday after Remembrance Day), for a sit down luncheon which was to include our AGM, guest speaker and awards presentation.

The date was moved to the 28th of November in the hope that we could gather together. This has not eventuated.

Therefore, set out below is the 2020 A G M as close as we can to follow procedure and compliance with the relevant statuary authorities.

I hope you enjoy the Newsletter.



04th November 2020


In light of the Victorian COVID-19 outbreak and the need to protect the safety of all members and comply with the Victorian government guidance and restrictions on travel and public gatherings, our planned AGM for the 14th November 2020 was postponed to the 28th of November in the hope that the restrictions would ease enough for us to gather together.

The Committee has now decided to hold/format its Annual General Meeting for 2020 via an Email/Postal variant.  

A Zoom Meeting was considered, however the Committee adopted the more practical option, hopefully, to suit all the Corps of Commissionaires Association financial membership.  As this is not a Corps of Commissionaires Association Inc Committee election year, a mail/email option for the membership to consider and accept the 2019 AGM minutes and 2020 Financial Statement was decided upon.

The following information is contained in the Newsletter.


1. Notice of the proposed 2020 AGM agenda dated for the 28th November 2020   

2. Presidents’ Report

3. Membership Report

4. Auditors Report


Welcome by the President.


I sincerely trust that this Newsletter finds you and your families well.


As this most unusual year of 2020 draws to a close, we can look back at the difficulties faced by us all, and the whole of Australia and the rest of the World, caused by the Covid 19 pandemic.


I am sure that we, as ex-service men and women, coped with these challenges as we are used to “following orders and SOPs”. I commend The Corps and the Committee for coping with these most difficult of times, especially those of us who were separated from our loved ones due to the restrictions.

Fortunately The Committee has been notified of only a few members who have experienced difficulties during this time.


I thank you all in advance of reading this Newsletter and for taking the time to do so. Although has been no activities as such this year, there is much important information you, as members, need to be aware off.


Ode to The Fallen


A Blessing by Chaplain John Brownbill KFD KSJ KtT


“To all Members of the Corps of Commissionaires Association.


I am delighted that our President was kind enough to give me some space in this AGM Newsletter.


I would like to begin by saying that I hope you are all well, and that you, like me, are disappointed that our AGM and our annual get together and luncheon is not possible this year because of the virus.


And while on that subject, may I say that many people have been lonely and quite depressed because of the extended lock down. Therefore, I am happy to offer my services to anyone who cares to ring me on 0418 359085 to have a chat and unburden themselves of whatever problems they might have.


As the festive season is fast approaching, I would like to wish you and your families all the very best and every hope for a happier New Year”.


With every Blessing,



Chaplain and Life Member,

Corps of Commissionaires Association


Presidents Report 2020


One of our major regrets as an ex service organization, has been that we could not gather as a group to commemorate various anniversaries such as ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day. Hopefully 2021 will allow us to do so, and the “catch up” will be even more important and memorable than before.


Almost all activities such as work at The Colourpatch Museum and other functions normally attended throughout the year have not eventuated.


I can confirm that The Corps will continue to support TS Voyager Naval Cadets, the Queensland Air Cadet Squadron and the Barry Pearce Memorial Award in 2021 and beyond.


May I take this opportunity to thank, on behalf of the entire membership, and for me personally, the members of our Committee.


Throughout this most difficult year, they have always made themselves available and have participated in regular “ZOOM” meetings so that our Association could keep functioning. We owe them a debt of gratitude.


Remembrance Day 2020


Remembrance Day


It was not possible to conduct the usual Commemoration Service on this day. However, the occasion was recognised with a small group assembling at suitable distances in the Remembrance Garden, and The Corps was represented by the President.


Remembrance Day UK


In England, during a Remembrance Day Service, as well as wreaths laid for The Corps UK and The Corps Canada, a wreath was laid on behalf of The Corps AUSTRALIA by Ms Diz SOLLESSE, P. A. to the Chief Executive, Corps of Commissionaires, United Kingdom.


A Monument to The Corps of Commissionaires is situated at Brookwood Cemetery, Surrey (approximately 1 hour by train) from London.


We thank The Corps UK for their kind consideration of The Corps Australia.


A note from the President of The Corps of Commissionaires, U.K.




President, Corps of Commissionaires UK – Lieutenant General Sir Robert Fulton, KBE.


Sir Robert joined the Royal Marines in 1972. From 1992-1994 he commanded 42 Commando and in 1997-1998 he commanded 3 Commando Brigade.  In 1998 he became Commandant General Royal Marines until 2001.


He left the Armed Forces in 2006 with the rank of Lieutenant General as the Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff for Equipment Capability. Sir Robert was then appointed the 63rd Governor of Gibraltar until 2009.


A board member of Corps Security, he became President of The Corps UK in 2011.




“As President of the Corps of Commissionaires in UK, I am deeply honoured to be invited to send a greeting to our friends and colleagues of The Corps Association in Australia. The two organisations have become closer over the years and, the more we know, the more we value those links.


Although we are physically separated by half a world, we share so much of the things that really matter:  loyalty, integrity, service - and comradeship; all of these would be readily recognised by those we remember, especially at this Season of Remembrance and on Anzac Day.   For me, those two days have a special family significance each year since my father’s older brother, a young officer in the Royal Marines, was killed in Shrapnel Gully, just above Anzac Cove, on 3 May 1915.


We must not forget – and we will not.  But those we remember would not want commemoration to be the only thought in our minds today.  These are difficult times for so many people in our two Countries and those same virtues – loyalty, integrity, service, and comradeship  – have an important place today in looking out for, and looking after, each other.  


The circumstances may change for each generation, and this year feels very different to 12 months ago, but the human spirit endures.  Our strength is within each one of us, but knowing that our friends, our mates, our buddies, our oppos are there beside us, ensures that we will come through this, and future generations will draw their strength from the way that we came through the 2020 crisis. 


I wish you all everything of the very best for your Season of Remembrance, and for the future. In so doing, I also look forward to the time in the near future, when we can gather once again with our friends and families to share our stories of the past and our hopes for the future.”


Sir Robert FULTON  KBE


Corps of Commissionaires Association Incorporated


Independent Auditors Report to Members


I have audited the financial report comprising the Statement of Receipts and Payments, Statement of Assets and liabilities and notes to and forming part of the Financial Statement of the Corps of Commissionaires Association Incorporated for the year ended 31 October 2020.


Qualified Audit Opinion


In my opinion the financial report presents fairly, in accordance with the prescribed accounting policies the financial position of The Corps of Commissionaires Association Incorporated as at 31 October 2020 and the results of its operations for the financial year then ended.



Russell Scott, at St Helena, November 2020


Membership Report


Membership Report


New Members gained during the period = 0

Awaiting Membership Approval = 0

Members lost during the period = 3

Average Age of Members = 74


Life Members: 

John Brownbill 


Honorary Members: 

Sandra Pearce 

Robert Winther


Newest Member:

3077, Marjorie Pomfret (QLD)


Longest Serving Member:

1800, Brian Reeves, 37 years 


Youngest Member: 

3076, Ashley McIver, age 43


Oldest Member:

2102, Bill Marsh, age 91


Deceased Members this Year:

Doug McCleary 

Joseph Pascal 


Non-Financial Members = 0


Outstanding Memberships Due - $0


Awards Due to Date:

10 Year = 0

15 Year = 0

20 Year = 3

25 Year = 1

30 Years = 2

35 Years = 0

40 Years = 0

45 Years = 0 

50 Years = 0



Note: The dip on the Graph is due to Non-Financial Members with outstanding Membership Fees at that time. 



On behalf of the Committee, it is my pleasure to inform you that all 2020 financial members will have their 2021 subs waivered, due to the complete lack of engagement and activities in 2020. (Any member in arrears for 2020 will need to “catch up” only for 2020).



Awards 2020


The following Commissionaires are eligible for The Corps’ Service Awards.


Commissionaire 2178 B. HARTLEY                30 years

Commissionaire 2188 T. CRAIG                      30 years

Commissionaire 2226 G. BOND                      30 years

Commissionaire 2483 J. CUNNINGHAM         25 years

Commissionaire 2521 P. CLEMENS               25 years

Commissionaire 2524 Ms. G. HELLIER           25 years

Commissionaire 2737 A. HAWKINS                20 years

Commissionaire 2730 J. MEADE                    20 years

Commissionaire 2719 R. BELL                       20 years


On behalf of all Commissionaires, I congratulate this years’ Award recipients for their LOYALTY INTEGRITY SERVICE to the Corps of Commissionaires Association, AUSTRALIA.


To all Members, I thank you for taking the time to read this Newsletter.


Finally, a brief calendar of important dates for 2021 are listed below and I hope that we will have as many members as possible attend:


Services at The Repatriation Hospital, Heidelberg


ANZAC Day, Friday 23rd April 1030, Remembrance Garden.


Vietnam Veterans Day, Tuesday 17th August 1030, Remembrance Garden.


British Veterans, Sunday 12th September 1230, ANZAC Chapel.


National Servicemens’ Association, Sunday 10th October 1100, Remembrance Garden.


Remembrance Day, Thursday 11th November 1030, Remembrance Garden.


2021 Corps of Commissionaires Association A G M Saturday, November Saturday, 13th November, Repat Hospital.



My best wishes to you all.