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The Corps of Commissionaires

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82st Year of the Corps of Commissionaires

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Greetings to all Members and Families.




ANZAC Day March, 2021


Firstly, to all Members, my apologies for the lateness of this Newsletter.


I have waited as long as possible to pass on as much up-to-date information as possible.

With much gratitude on your behalf to Gerard VANDER, the following seems to be what should occur on ANZAC Day:


The March will be divided by Conflict. It is suggested that all members of The Corps should march in the Vietnam 1 group, which lines up just North of Victoria Barracks. (Even if they have signed up with another Group.)


For each Group, there will be Entry Points for Pre-Registrations and another for Non-Registration (Walk Up). However, each member will have to be QR Coded or failing that, fill in a Registration Form. The Entry Points are “manned” by Marshals and Police.


Officially, there are to be no Banners or Flags but Banners will not be stopped??? (Not sure what that is supposed to mean).


Those Banners that are allowed to be carried will be massed, not paraded individually in front of each Unit or Association.


It is therefore decided that The Corps will not parade our banner this year. The Flag will parade either on a flag pole or in my hand.


The format within any Group is: Band, Banners (only those allowed by the RSL), Members in Wheelchairs, half the Group. This is repeated within the Group. The March is to be supervised by Vic Dept. of Health Staff.


Assembly begins at 0730, Step Off Time is 0930Hrs. (It is suggested not to get there too early, otherwise it will be a long wait without a seat or toilets).


There will no doubt be challenges on the morning. My suggestion is that marchers arrive at our designated assembly area (Vietnam 1), look for each other in uniform, stay close together and we can step off together.


We trust that the 2022 ANZAC Day will be “back to normal”


The Committee sincerely wishes you all as memorable an ANZAC Day as possible in this most unusual, difficult and frustrating situation.




ANZAC Cove, Gallipoli today.





Who are we and what does The Corps do? 


The Corps of Commissionaires was founded in London 1859 by Sir Edward Walter KCB.


The original aim was to provide to employment and welfare support for veterans of the Crimean War.


The Corps of Commissionaires was established in Australia in New South Wales in 1939 and became based in Victoria in 1946. There are Corps members in all states in Australia from all three Australian military services. Our members range from World War 2 veterans through all conflicts to Timor and Peacekeepers.


The Corps is currently an ex-service, welfare and philanthropic organisation that is located at the Veterans Centre in the Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital, Victoria. 


The Corps provides:


- Welfare services 


- Transition from service to civilian life support


- Provides general support through the Veterans Center, and


- Sponsorship and support to many Cadet Services 


Corps members serve as Custodians at the Shrine of Remembrance.

The Corps has links with other ex-service organisations, Legacy, Sir Edward “Weary” Dunlop Foundation and cadet units throughout Australia. 


See links to Australian Veterans' Organisations and Cadet Units.


The Corps' currently are involved with many veterans events such as Anzac Day and Vietnam Veterans Day each year and invite you to come and commemorate with us.  


See the Latest Newsletter for news and information about Upcoming Events.